Teachers and Therapists


Individual sessions according to the needs of each student


Name: Chaty SecairaNacionality: Guatemalan

Time in the Pyramids: Foundress of the center

Profession: Spiritual communicator

Charge in the Pyramids: Director of the Center

Individual session: Channeling

Name: Luly BoschiniNacionality: Guatemalan

Time in the Pyramids: 27 years

Profession: Psychologist and Yoga Teacher

Charge in the pyramids: Coordinator

Individual session: Shaluha-ka with counselling, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Pauly BoschiniNacionality: Guatemalan

Time in the Pyramids: 27 years

Profession: Environmental engineer and Mystical reader

Charge in the pyramids: Manager

Individual session: Tarot Reading

Name: Thomas SmithNacionality: British

Time in the Pyramids: 10 years

Profession: Degree in philosophy

Charge in the pyramids: Library Manager


Name: Jenika BronsonNacionality: Canadian

Time in the Pyramids: 8 years

Profession: Breath and Mantra Therapist

Charge in the pyramids: Assitant in Emergencies

Individual session: Chakra Yoga, Breath and Mantra Therapy


Name: Jane EnglandNacionality: English

Time in the Pyramids: 15 years

Profession: Campaigner/Educator for Global Aid & Development

Charge in the pyramids: Karma yoga


Name: Walter QuiamenNacionality: Guatemalan

Time in the Pyramids: 11 years

Profession: Mayan Spiritual Guide

Charge in Las Piramides: Assitant Reception

Individual session: Mayan ceremony, Cacao ceremony, Mayan Astrology

Name: Henry RuizNacionality: Peruvian

Time in the Pyramids: 6 years

Profession: Agricultural Engineer

Charge in Las Piramides: Director of Sembrando Esperanzo (Social projects of Las Piramides) and Coordinator of the Garden

Individual session: Organic Agriculture and Permaculture

Name: Natascha FischerNacionality: South African

Time in the Pyramids: 2 years

Profession: Healing Therapist

Charge in Las Piramides: Assistant in Reception

Individual session: EFT, TRE, Bach Flower Remedies

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