Extensions De Las Piramides

Family working spiritually with the principles and teachings del Ka connected with the temple anywhere in the world.

Constellation Del Ka:

Group of former students in a given country 


Constellation Del Ka Israel





Guardians of the Constellation del Ka Israel

Nina Sadot, Keren Dayan


Nina's Yoga and Meditation Center



Initiation of the Constellation del Ka Israel


Next Constellations Del Ka


Messengers Del Ka

Former students of Las Piramides in a given contry


Melanie Champagne

Melanie has done the Moon Course and Sun Course in 2003 and 2004. She lived in Las Piramides for 11 years and received the Baptism and Confirmation. She now lives in Montreal, Canada as a Messenger of Ka.

Melanie specialized in Astrology and Mythology. She uses the symbolic language of the planets, zodiac signs and mythological stories to deepen self-understanding and enhance connexion to self, others and Life.

She offers Astrology readings, Astrology courses and facilitates women circles. Every Full Moon, she writes an Astrology weather report to offer insights about the energies moving us all collectively. You can read them at collectiveastrology.wordpress.com

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