These courses are additional to the regular program of Las Pirámides.  They are optional and offered according to the season.

Our courses are:

* imparted by Luli Boschini

ShaluHa-Ka is both a Healing Technique and a Meditation Practice based on the Tree of Life * from the Kabbalistic Tradition. It was received in dreams by Chaty Secaira, founder of Las Pirámides Meditation Centre, where the technique has been practiced and taught since the beginning of the 1990s.

* Tree Of Life: diagram used in Rabbinical Judaism in kabbalah and other mystical traditions.

​            *imparted by Paulina Boschini


* imparted by Jenika Bronson

This 4-day course is based on a traditional pranayama kriya designed to release subconscious emotional blockages from the nervous system using the ancient science of breath.  It incorporates healing mantras and release techniques as well as breath theory.


* imparted by Henry Ruiz

The Permaculture course, covers sustainable living systems for a wide variety of landscapes and climates. It includes the application of permaculture principles to organic food production, home garden design, medicinal plants and uses, water harvesting and management.


* imparted by Walter Quiamen

The sacred fire (the spirit of the grandparents) is a special for each of us as our early history gives us time to spend a moment connected with Mother Earth all this is possible with traditional medicine. Cacao open our mind and our heart feel evaluate what we have around us looking for that connection to Mother Earth with a higher awareness near the sacred fire.

            *imparted by Daisy Shlakman

* imparted by Natascha Fisher


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